Dareven Eyewear

About me

Dareven is a brand created in 2009 by myself, Lionel Bertrand. Originally it is a brand of sunglasses with mineral sunglasses without any equivalent even today on the market.

I am present in the world of optics since 2002, I started as a representative at Buffard then AIRESS DISTRIBUTION to finish in 2009 with OWP France to set up the distribution of Dareven.

In parallel with my job as a representative, I was manager of Cassisolaire Optics in Cassis from 2006 to 2013.

Then in 2015, we created an eyewear factory located in Mauritius. In order to maintain the French know-how, we had to move from France, with our French production manager Philippe Morey (33 years old at Buffard and Albin Paget) to become competitive again on the international market

The bet is successful! The products are of top quality.

We are in 2019 and we are launching our online sales site directly from the factory. We are also present in Mauritius through our optical stores La lunetterie de L’Isle de France, which consists of 5 stores now.

To summarize, I am very familiar with the world of optics, I am one of many passionate people in this field, my different experiences allow me to acquire knowledge that goes from manufacturing to distribution to the final customer. Special thanks to the Toy (Mr alain Clerc) the president of the MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France), who since Buffard feeds my passion for glasses.