CR211 Pack 10 Pieces

  • The CR211 Dareven are round elastic cords with exterior made of nylon and benefited with a great resistance to friction.
  • The CR211 Dareven cord measure 70cm long and 2mm diameter.
  • The CR211 Dareven cord have with different size of acrylic beads at the end of the cord.

2 Years Guarantee


Free Shipping as per 25 frames

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Every 11 SUNGLASSES bought , you will pay for 10 only.

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Every 11 OPTICS bought , you will pay for 10 only.

  • The Dareven elastic cords are all handmade and customizable.
  • All cords models are compatible with our Dareven eyewear and sunglasses.

Product Features for Dareven® / CR211

  • Model: CR211
  • Product ID: CR211
  • Material: Elastic Cord+Silicone+acrylic beads
  • Measurements: 700x2mm
  • Weight: 6grm

All the CR211 models are sold in pack of 10.

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Elastic Cords
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