Mineral Glasses

For the manufacture of glass Dareven
® optical glass raw material is transformed into a series of lenses. The crystal is produced with production cycles and ovens to ensure absolute transparency and low dispersion of light without the shortcomings of the inclusion of bubbles, etc ...

The spherical surface of the lens is gradually obtained with diamond tools.

Then, the lenses are polished with an abrasive liquid. A high quality finishing is obtained for the polarized glasses Dareven
®. A strict process control ensures that the thickness is accurate, and the total absence of optical aberrations and defects.

®  uses technology that provides a lens called prism corrected "(decentralization), which means that the optical axis of the lens is parallel to the line of vision. This eliminates the gap of the image and gives absolute comfort.

The glass is inserted into Dareven
® mounts through a laser beam that is used to show the optical center of the glass so it will be properly assembled in the frame.


Since the development of CR-39 polycarbonate and more than 60 years, there has been little progress and innovation in the development of optical lenses resistant polymer.
NXT ® belongs to a family of glass-based optical polymers patented polyurethane, transparent and unbreakable, originally developed for the army to provide protection and performance.


Very light

Optical quality higher

Clear and transparent

Stable over time

Resistant to solvents


® exceeds the limits of the CR-39 (fragile with little scratch resistance) and polycarbonate (lower in terms of optical quality and its impact resistance, and low resistance to solvents and cracking) .

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