All Dareven® sunglasses over class the international standards in force, they guarantee you maximum protection.

Dareven® sunglasses classification are: Class 3

5 categories of hue were defined for the classification:

Class 0: white glass between 80 and 100% of the visible light.

Class 1: slightly tinted glass, solar brightness between 43 and 80% of the visible light.

Class 2: moderately tinted glass, average solar brightness between 18 and 43% of visible light.

Class 3: dark glass, high solar brightness between 8 and 18% of visible light.

Class 4: very dark glass, exceptional sunlight, lenses not suitable for driving between 3 and 8% of visible light.

Nowadays it is very rare to need Class 4 glass because it has a defect, which is to over-protect the eye and therefore the eye is no longer used to protect it, the retina does not close more correctly.