• This model features a Rectangular shape, with a single bridge.
  • Dareven® / Remi sunglasses for men is a full rim frame, which is made of Melchior* metal to create a stylish modern look with sleek, sophisticated lines.
  • These corrosion-resistant Melchior* full rim frames deliver superior durability.
  • Dareven® metal sunglasses have spring hinge which helps in maintaining the comfortable position and acetate temple socks to lend superior comfort.
  • With soft silicone nose pads on adjustable stems, these shades optimize comfort and fit.
  • These Dareven® / Remi Sunglasses flatter people with the following facial features: Thin, heart or round shape Face.

  • 2 Years Guarantee 2 Years Guarantee
  • Free Shipping Free Shipping
  • Minimum 25 frames Dareven Easy Minimum 25 frames Dareven Easy
  • Minimum 12 frames Dareven Hi-Tech
Minimum 12 frames Dareven Hi-Tech
  • Minimum 6 frames Dareven Night
Minimum 6 frames Dareven Night
  • Famous for innovative design and superior optics, Dareven® sunglasses are counted on around the world for unparalleled performance.
  • Remi sunglasses are cat.3 polarized glasses. These are lenses that contain a filter that eliminates the reflections due to reflective surfaces such as snow, water, body of a car, etc...
    • Elimination of glare from the reflection of light
    • Improving the color perception
    • Improving the perception of contrast and bulging.
    • Reduced visual tiredness.
    • Improving overall visual comfort. E.G: (driver).
  • Dareven® metal sunglasses have double protective layer of paint and varnish for more durability and its hypoallergenic.
  • Dareven® lenses are polarized plastic layer laminated between two glass strips.
  • Melchior: Alloy of copper, nickel and zinc. Many varieties according to the percentage of each element in its composition. 80% of metal eyewear use all or part of this material, economical and machined easily with great precision because of it hardness. It contents high nickel, which requires a protective layer. It is often associated with the Monel, which is used to make faces.
  • Discover bold lines and advanced UV protection.

Product Features for Dareven® / Remi Sunglasses

  • Model: Remi
  • Product ID: Remi
  • Style: Classic
  • Frame Type: Rectangular Shape
  • Sex: Men
  • Face Material: Melchior
  • Temples Material: Melchior
  • Lenses Type: Polarized IRPLUS® of Dareven®
  • Measurements: 63 20 3P
  • Weight: 37grm.

Data sheet

Lense Type
Polarized Trivex ® of Dareven®